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Boost your 150/180/200 cc Bike with a performance Canister.

7:06 AM

Posted by CorePower


Performance has always been a factor to complain upon for most of  us. Although the currently available machines in India do provide a good amount of speed and acceleration, but that's not enough, cause the NEED FOR SPEED and ACCELERATIONnever dies out in a motorist and always this hunger for performance gets aggravated with time. This more can be satisfied by a simple modification of exhaust for a layman. Read along the article to know more about how can you really boost the performance with a simple change/modification of the canister.


OMG Series: Nokia Concept Phone that Runs on COKE!!!

1:47 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine

Daizi Zheng's Concept phone that uses Bio Batteries.
After the automobiles started turning green, Its now the turn of gadgets to follow the green league. The first among seems to be like NOKIA. Looks like NOKIA is in a mood to party, as it plans to run it's phones on the SODA that we consume almost everyday. Fuel Cells running on sugars have been in use from a long time now, but never had anyone dared to experiment running the device on the sugars that are present in the cola or soda.

The Revolution Has Long Been Underway

2:16 AM

Posted by DirtsGood

Professionals like Bob Sakayama play a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization by constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and experimentation. With over two decades of experience, Bob has delved deep into a myriad of SEO-related theories and tactics, ranging from artificial intelligence and website semantics to meta tags and more arcane subjects, such as nofollow links and third-party citations. Through his relentless pursuit of understanding the complex and often opaque algorithms that govern search engine rankings, he has helped shape the field by sharing valuable insights and strategies with fellow practitioners. As a search professional, Bob contributes significantly to the collective wisdom of those aiming to rank websites for profit, ensuring that the industry remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements and best practices.


From the Soul: Beyond the Glass House

12:26 AM

Posted by Mystical life


 Beyond the Glass House
Blinding flash lights, accompanied by the click of a camera and last but not the least, everyone trying their best to expose the beauties in front of them, via their clicks. Here, I’m not referring to any hollywood or bollywood beauty queens walking the Red Carpet at any star meet nor the great Oscars, But these are the breathtaking beauties which were all set to steal thousands of hearts during the week, which is most remembered for the day, where India displays it’s military might along with it’s cultural strength. Yes, you got it right, it was the week of 26th January.

Chakra Eyewear: "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", and it refers to the energy centers in our body.

12:01 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


Check out Chakra round glasses

The Chakra Eyewear collection was created by the staff at with the intention of finding glasses that offer something unique. Every frame is unique in its own way, but all frames are good quality with a very attractive price point for the quality level. These are our favorite "picks". Chakra Eyewear is available in a variety of shapes, colors, and other reminders that our bodies should always be in a state of harmony, peace, and perfection. "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", and it refers to the energy centers in our body. Many Chakra Eyewear glasses are round, or nearly round, as a reminder of the harmony and balance that is inherent in our bodies. Even if you've been a fan of Ray Ban, check out this new brand. While Ray Ban glasses are extremely popular, they are significantly more expensive. But from a quality point of view, our new brand compares quite favorably with Ray Ban products.

How about Peeing in a disposable bag?? and then using the same to grow your food

12:09 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


PEEPOO, A biodegradable toilet bag

Have you ever dreamed of peeing in a bag, and then using the same pee to cultivate your crops. Yes, this is exactly what a Swedish Entrepreneur Mr.Anders Wilhelmson is trying to market in the developing countries which do include India, According to Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, market for low-cost toilets in the developing world is about a trillion dollars. Now that's what is called a BUSINESS WITH STINKY DIFFERENCE!!!. This pee bag is name PEEPOO.

Direct From Geneva: Speed, Style and Sophisticated Jaguar XKR unwrapped at Geneva

2:47 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


Jaguar XKR at Geneva Motor Show 2010

What a way to celebrate a birthday, as part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebrations, the Special Edition model is a combination of two option packs, the Speed Pack and the Black Pack. Now these packs were put onto the Jag XKR, in order to show the capabilities of the Brit Engine to it's Rivals.

Direct from Geneva: Porky, Toquie Koenigsegg Agera 910 HP & 738 lb/ft, unleased at Geneva 2010.


Koenigsegg Agera

Talk about a super way to kick off the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Introduced to the world at large at (no surprise) 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the Swedish rocket has WOWed enthusiasts for the past five years. But that was then-and in the case of biofuled, 1,100 horsepower monster CCXR, then was a few months ago-the Agera is now.

The Performance figures of Agera are just mind boggling, Have a look at it for yourself:

1) Zero to sixty miles an hour takes 3.1 seconds. 
2) 0-124 mph happens in 13.7 seconds and the top speed is somewhere north of 245 miles per hour. 
3) The top speed might be (slightly) down from the CCXR (supposedly that beast can go faster than 250 mph) but check out the road-holding. Koenigsegg is claiming that the Agera can pull 1.6 g. 

Direct From Geneva: Racing DNA Unleashed, Citroen unleashes it's Beast out of French Castle. The DS3 Racing

12:59 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


Citroen DS3 racing Limited Edition
WRC, When I do hear this word, one thing that strikes my mind is Citroen. Citroen chose the Geneva Motor Show to unveil its first proper hot hatchback since the Saxo VTS – the Citroen DS3 Racing. Whoaaa!!! what a car I should say.

Direct From Geneva: The Largest Mini ever stripped on the ramp of Geneva.

12:21 AM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


Mini Countryman at Geneva 2010

There were absolutely no surprises to the the journalists during the press conference, when curtains raised off and the first sights of the Mini Cooper- Countryman was unveiled. Although the Countryman was was first shown back at January. Now after it's official release, we can fill all the details about this miniature.

Direct From Geneva: Porsche goes green at Geneva, unveils Cayenne Hybrid, GT 3 R Hybrid and 911 Turbo S.

8:43 PM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


 Porsche GT3R Hybrid

Looks like the Germans are in mood to go green this year after Copenhagen, This scene was demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show when Porsche unleashed their 3 beasts, Cayenne Hybrid, GT 3 R Hybrid and last but not the least the 911 Turbo S.

Direct from Geneva:World's First Hybrid Plugin Car unveiled by Chinese BYD Automotive's F3-EM hybrid Vehicle Release.

8:00 PM

Posted by Velociti Magazine


BYD Auto, a Chinese manufacturer, Here at Geneva did release the world's first production model Hybrid Vehicle, named F3-EM. This model is a variant of BYD auto's most flaunted and sought after among Chinese customers,The F3, whose more than 300,000 units were sold in China since it's debut in FY 2009-2010.